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Season 3

Episode 60: Owen Johnson – Ernie Pyle, WWII and Telling It Like It Is

Episode 59: Kimberly Wilmot Voss: The History of Food Journalism

Episode 58: Raymond McCaffrey – Jackie Robinson After Baseball

Episode 57: Mike Jaccarino – America’s Last Great Newspaper War

Season 2

Episode 56: Aimee Edmondson – Intimidation Through Libel Law

Episode 55: Meg Heckman – The Newspaper That Shook the Republican Party

Episode 54: Cronkite special: The Most Trusted Man in America

Episode 53: Wendy Melillo – The Problems with Polls

Episode 52: Claire Rounkles – Court Held at Midnight

Episode 51: Shelley Spector – The Father of Public Relations

BONUS: Why Does Journalism History Matter?

Episode 50: Andrew Stoner – A Pioneer in AIDS Coverage

BONUS: Katie Foss – The History of American Epidemics

Episode 49: Mike Conway – The Made-for-Television Tunnel Escape

Episode 48: Vanessa Murphree – The Wonderful Wizard of Community Radio

Episode 47: Beth Garfrerick – The “Silent Partner” of the Country Press

Episode 46: Vince DiGirolamo – A Nation of Newsboys

Episode 45: William Huntzicker – News for the Masses

Episode 44: Michael Fuhlhage – Yankee Reporters and Southern Secrets

Episode 43: Amber Roessner – Jimmy Carter and the Media

Episode 42: Mark J. Prendergast – Covering Conflict and Controversy

Episode 41: Julie Lane – Defending Joe McCarthy

Episode 40: W. Joseph Campbell – 1995: The Year the Future Began

Episode 39: Holiday episode – Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Episode 38: Erika Pribanic-Smith – Emma Goldman and the First Amendment

Episode 37: Daniel Haygood – The Anti-Christ of Advertising

Episode 36: Matthew Pressman – The Press at the Precipice

Episode 35: Bailey Dick – Dorothy Day and The Catholic Worker

Episode 34: Caryl Cooper – Violence Against the Media

Episode 33: Vicki Brown – The Media and the Mormon Struggle in Missouri

Episode 32: Ken Ward – The “Vilest” Newspaper Titan

Episode 31: Michael Socolow – The History of Televised Presidential Debates

Episode 30: Carrie Teresa – Black Celebrity Journalism

Episode 29: Michelle Rotuno-Johnson – The Stonewall Riots

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Season 1

Episode 28: Aaron Atkins – Your Paper Saved Seattle

Episode 27: Jason Lee Guthrie – Mathew Brady and Photographic Copyright

Episode 26: Candi Carter Olson – The Women’s Press and Utah’s Battle over the Vote

Episode 25: Pam Parry – Eisenhower: The Public Relations President

Episode 24: Josh Shepperd – The Grassroots Rise of Public Broadcasting

Episode 23: Melita Garza – They Came to Toil

Episode 22: Scott Peterson – The Bare-Knuckle Boxing Championship of 1860

Episode 21: Denise Hill – Hidden Figures in Public Relations History

Episode 20: Nick Hirshon – We Want Fishsticks

Episode 19: Ava Sirrah – Native Advertising from Franklin to Facebook

Episode 18: Mark Feldstein – Wars on the Press by Richard Nixon and Donald Trump

Episode 17: John Coward – Press Portrayals of Native Americans

Episode 16: Wm. David Sloan – The Man Behind “The Media in America”

Episode 15: Erin Coyle – A “Carnival” Trial and the Free Press

Episode 14: James Farrell – Salem, Murder, and the Press

Episode 13: Walck & Walter – Flyin’ Jenny Comics and Women’s Work

Episode 12: Marilyn Greenwald – A Pioneering Reporter, the Hardy Boys, and Biography Writing

Episode 11: Remembering the Bushes: The Power of Obituaries & Memory

Episodes 6-10: Panelists Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

Episode 10: Brooke Kroeger, “Engaging the Public with Suffrage”

Episode 9: Nancy Unger, “Belle La Follette’s Campaigns for Suffrage”

Episode 8: Amy Easton-Flake, “Literary Works in The Revolution and The Women’s Journal

Episode 7: Teri Finneman, “The Press and the Anti-Suffrage Movement”

Episode 6: Linda Lumsden, “Historiography of Suffrage Media Research”

Episode 5: Maurine Beasley – First Ladies and the Press

Episode 4: Scholars Discuss Oral History in Research

Episode 3: Sweeney Explores Important Role of Journalists

Episode 2: Professors Discuss Advising Strategies for Theses/Dissertations

Episode 1: Borchard Talks Lincoln and Media

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