Journalism History Announces Best Podcast Guest

Tim Ziaukas of the University of Pittsburgh is the winner of the Best Podcast Guest Award from Journalism History.

He is a guest in “Episode 76: The Unknown Stories of Titanic,” a top-rated episode of the podcast with over 400 downloads. Ziaukas was also selected for his support and promotion of the episode, which also generated nearly 900 transcript reads. The show chooses its top guest from the prior calendar year.

“The story of RMS Titanic has long been seen through the lenses of class and gender. The story has been interpreted as a warning against technological hubris, even as a harbinger of the Great War,” Ziaukas said. “Recently, however, the narrative has been appreciated for its role in the history of communications, but even more recently, as in this Journalism History podcast, Titanic is being understood as a turning point in the history of public relations. It’s about time.”

The Journalism History podcast recently crossed 34,000 downloads and has been listened to in 50 states and 117 countries. The show’s transcripts have been viewed nearly 25,000 times.

Ron Rodgers, Fred Carroll, Lisa Napoli, John Maxwell Hamilton, Brooke Kroeger, Vince DeMentri and Keith Greenwood were other top guests.

Executive producer Teri Finneman said Ziaukas added fascinating context to a story that people think they know but really don’t.

“The story of the Titanic didn’t end with the sinking of the ship,” Finneman said. “Rather, the story was just beginning and understanding the public relations of how this crisis was and wasn’t handled is not only interesting to hear but critical for current learning of crisis communication. Tim’s work on this was a phenomenal addition to journalism history.”

Journalism History podcast episodes are available wherever you listen to podcasts, as well as at Show transcripts are available at

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