College Students Win National Podcast Competition

January 6, 2021
Contact: Executive Producer Teri Finneman

Six college students representing universities in Louisiana, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania won a national student podcast competition emphasizing the importance of media history.

Louisiana State student Nick Ashton won first place in the Journalism History podcast competition for his show exploring the history and future of drumming publications, while William Paterson University student Ryley McKiernan won second place for his show focusing on music copyright law and the legal case surrounding the 2013 hit “Blurred Lines.”

Student podcasters who served as judges noted Ashton “nailed it on tone, accuracy of portrayal and overall content,” while McKiernan “managed to make copyright law riveting – a claim few people can make.”

Wayne State University student Ellen Chamberlain received third place for her podcast on the life, work and impact of Claudia Jones, a little-known international journalist exiled for her affiliation with Communism. Honorable mentions went to Marcela Mack of Duquesne University, Murry Goldberg of Louisiana State and Sean Mauro of William Paterson.

Their episodes will air on the Journalism History podcast during the week of March 22.

Journalism History executive producer Teri Finneman said it’s important to engage students with history on a platform popular with Generation Z.

“We’re thrilled with the level of research and production that these students put into their shows,” Finneman said. “Delving into history provides students with challenging ways to expand their storytelling and share their discoveries with listeners around the world.”

Journalism History is a podcast that rips out the pages of your history books to reexamine the stories you thought you knew and the ones you were never told. Hosted by three professional media historians and listened to in 96 countries, Journalism History is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Transcripts are available at

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