Incoming Journalism History Team Finalized

Journalism History Editor-Elect Pam Parry has officially formed her new team to take the academic journal into the future.

Parry of Southeast Missouri State University will become the seventh editor of Journalism History in summer 2021. Dianne Bragg of Alabama and Kim Mangun of Utah will serve as associate editors to assist with the journal’s editing, proofreading, recruitment, marketing and social media. Sonya DiPalma of North Carolina-Asheville will serve as book reviews editor.

“I am so proud to be working with an amazing team of scholars,” Parry said. “I have known them for many years, and I am excited to work with them as we approach our 50th anniversary as a journal in 2024.”

Remaining members of the Journalism History team include online content coordinator Erika Pribanic-Smith and podcast executive producer Teri Finneman, who is also the liaison assisting with the journal’s transition from current editor Greg Borchard to Parry.

Nick Hirshon and Ken Ward will continue as podcast hosts, while Perry Parks, Bailey Dick and Natascha Toft Roelsgaard serve as social media co-coordinators. Kansas students Beau Harris and Shae Peters work as interns for the podcast.

Peters is in a new position as a public relations intern tasked with writing and sending news releases across the country to promote the podcast and journal. The New York Times cooking newsletter picked up one of her releases, resulting in over 300 listens and 1,000 transcript reads of the History of Food Journalism episode with Kim Voss about her Journalism History article.

“We have seen enormous growth with the podcast in the last year, and it’s only the beginning,” Finneman said. “Students love the unique content of the podcasts, which also help get them away from their computer screens. We’re also seeing a big spike in listening from the general public, thereby getting journalism history to new audiences.”

The podcast is on track to reach nearly 20,000 downloads and 10,000 transcript views by the end of the year.

To continue providing more content to the public, Journalism History will soon transition to publishing its future book reviews online at to provide open access and increase public sharing opportunities for authors.

The team is also working with Taylor and Francis on other marketing opportunities, including creating posters of the journal’s cover that will be available at future conferences.

Journalism History, a scholarly journal published quarterly, has a respected reputation as the oldest peer-reviewed journal of mass media history in the United States. Continuously published since 1974, the journal provides a venue for excellent, peer-reviewed articles on media history.

As of July 2018, Journalism History is the official academic journal of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s History Division. Prior to becoming the official journal of the History Division, Journalism History published independently. The journal is published with Taylor and Francis.

Find Journalism History content at and

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