Journalism History Podcast Announces Best Guest

Kimberly Voss of the University of Central Florida is the winner of the Best Podcast Guest Award from Journalism History.

Voss’s “Episode 59: The History of Food Journalism” is a top-rated episode of the podcast with over 400 downloads. Her episode was featured in the New York Times Cooking newsletter and generated nearly 1,300 transcript reads, the show’s most viewed ever. The show chooses its top guest from the prior calendar year.

“It is wonderful to know that so many people have learned about Jane Nickerson – a significant but often unknown food journalist,” Voss said. “Like so many journalists from the women’s pages, she was well connected to her readership but overshadowed by the male editor who came after her. I am so appreciative of the podcast, which allows my research to reach a larger and more diverse audience.”

The Journalism History podcast recently crossed 20,000 downloads and has been listened to in 50 states and 102 countries. The show’s transcripts have been viewed over 13,000 times.

Voss is in the Podcast 400 Club along with other 2020 guests Mike Conway (Episode 54: The Most Trusted Man in America) and Katie Foss (BONUS: The History of American Epidemics). 

Shows from 2019 in the 500 Club are Pam Parry (Episode 25: Eisenhower: The Public Relations President) and Denise Hill (Episode 21: Hidden Figures in Public Relations History). Our collage episode, Episode 50.5: Why Does Journalism History Matter?, has over 800 downloads.

Executive producer Teri Finneman said the show has expanded its marketing in recent months by adding a public relations intern who is publicizing Journalism History to news organizations, museums and universities. 

 “Kim’s show and our overall success illustrate the demand there is for great stories of journalism history,” Finneman said. “Our podcast lets the world know that journalism history matters and why it matters and gives journalism historians an international platform to share their research.”

Journalism History podcast episodes are available wherever you listen to podcasts, as well as at New episodes release every other week. Show transcripts are available at

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